• Individualised sessions focused on the student.

  • Stress free environment.

  • Results achieved to potential and beyond.

  • Follow School or National Curriculum.

  • On line or face to face.

  • Focus on teaching  so students become independent.


The best time to start studying for the Kent Test is in Year 5, supplementing this with work with holiday sessions prior to the September exam dates.

The number of sessions will vary depending on the ability of the student. Tuition for Maths and Science falls into two categories, filling gaps to catch up and maintaining levels to stretch students.

Small groups can be accommodated .


​For an individual:

  • £35 for on line one hour.

  • £40 face to face dependent on distance.

Price for small groups - from £20 p/hr.

If 10 sessions are paid for in advance, one extra session will be given free.

Cancellations less than 24 hours a session will not be honoured.

Cancellations by tutor will be made up.